Free User Agent API

Parse any User Agents via API for free. No limitations, no rate limiting. Just call{$} with your request.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can use this API? How much does it cost?
This API is completely free for any number of requests. Feel free to trigger as many requests as necessary. We will never charge you for requests.
You don't need a key, just send your request to{$} and parse the result.
What performance and uptime can I expect?
We aim to deliver 99.999% uptime with response times <1ms at the 99th percentile (plus network and CDN).
Can I rely on the structure of the output?
We won't introduce breaking changes to the structure of the output. However, we may add additional fields as we gather more information.
Why do you offer this service?
We found existing APIs too expensive or unreliably and created this service for internal purposes. And since we're already running it, we might as well offer it to the world as well!
Who can I contact in case of questions?
If you have questions, feedback or have found any bugs please contact us at [email protected]